Document translation

The Eurologos Group has been providing document translation services since 1977. Using our offices in 4 continents we provide professional translation for your documents to all languages.

Our customers, leaders in their respective fields, know that selecting the right language service provider is critical in ensuring their brand is properly presented to current and potential foreign clients and customers. By working with Eurologos, you will get to know the excellent service, quick turnaround times and top quality our customers are already enjoying.

The Eurologos System

The Eurologos Group will use its office in the country where the target language is spoken to translate, edit and proofread your documents by our experienced and specialized in-house translators and reviewers. Our customers now know this is the only way to ensure the quality of the translated documents.

The Group's office will translate and then review your documents, using specialized tools and experienced reviewers. All our processes comply with respective international quality assurance standards, such as EN: 15038 and ISO:9001.

Using this unique system of translation, the Eurologos Group ensures a top quality of service and customer satisfaction!

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