Software localization

Software localization is a special service, with far greater demands from document translation. It requires experienced teams specialized in both the respective terminology as well as in handling the source files using localization software, to ensure the integrity of the source code and UI.

Our teams have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to localize many different types of software, such as applications and software suites for PC and MAC, software for mobile devices, games and web apps.

We support many different file formats, such as resource files, php files, PO files, etc.

Some of the projects we have completed recently include:

  • Localization of security products
  • Localization of business and commerce applications
  • Localization of HR Management suites
  • Game localization of consoles, PC, mobile devices, social networks
  • UI localization for various devices such as PC applications, medical devices, etc.
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