Quality assurance

The Eurologos Group is internationally renowned for the quality of its services. The Eurologos system of translation and the compliance of our processes with international quality standards ensure a very high level of quality for the services provided by the Group's offices.

The Eurologos system of translation

Eurologos believes the only way to be able to guarantee translation quality is through local offices at the countries where the target language is spoken. To meet that goal, the Group launched offices strategically placed in 4 continents and can handle in-house the language combinations most frequently requested by clients.

The Group uses the experienced in-house translators and reviewers of the Eurologos offices for the translation, editing and review of documents, ensuring the top quality of the delivered work.

Quality assurance processes

In addition to the unique system of translation used by the offices of the Eurologos Group, extra QA processes have been implemented, based on the ISO 9001 and EN 15038 standards. These are common in all of the Group's offices, resulting in identical levels of quality for our services.

In addition to our experienced reviewers, we also use specialized automated tools to ensure the quality of the delivered work. Some of the checks carried out are:

  • checking the completeness and correctness of the translated document to ensure that there are no untranslated pieces
  • checking the proper localization of numbers, punctuation and formatting
  • checking the formatting of the original document has been kept
  • checking the terminology provided by the customer was properly used
  • checking the translation memory provided by the customer was properly used

Finally, our in-house editors conduct a last manual check, to ensure the finished document is ready for delivery.

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