The Eurologos-Thessaloniki translation office is part of the Eurologos Group, which was established in 1977 at Brussels. Today, the Group has 15 offices globally and is one of the top language service providers in the world.

The Group's offices provide a wide range of multilingual services, such as translation, editing, review, interpreting, desktop publishing (DTP) and web design.

Some important dates for the Eurologos Group:

  • 1977 - Eurologos is founded in Brussels (Belgium)
  • 1989 - Eurologos founds its pre-press subsidiary, Littera Graphis.
  • 1993 - Eurologos opens in a second location, in Antwerp (Belgium).
  • 1995 - Eurologos makes its appearance on the Internet with two multilingual websites.
  • 1996 - Eurologos starts its globalization with the foundation of two additional subsidiaries in Italy (Milan) and in Germany (Cologne).
  • 1998 - CFJ-Tokyo joins the group.
  • 2000/01 - Eurologos opens several franchises: Madrid, Bucharest, Genoa, Sao Paulo, Tallinn and Trieste.
  • 2003 - Birth of Eurologos-St. Petersburg, Eurologos-Moscow, Eurologos-Paris, Eurologos-Toronto and Eurologos-Buenos Aires.
  • 2004 - Opening of Eurologos-Leipzig.
  • 2006 - Opening of the Lisbon office.
  • 2008 - Opening of the Eurologos-Shanghai office in China.
  • 2009 - Opening of the Eurologos-Thessaloniki office in Greece.
  • 2011 - Opening of Eurologos-London in the UK.
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